Entrepreneurs Guide: Teaching Children Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is an incredibly important skill. We use this skill (or ought to) in every aspect of our lives every single day. Although it’s an important part of academic and business success, it’s not often taught at school unless it’s part of [...]

4 Simple Business Ideas for High School Students

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When teenagers are in high school, they often aren’t thinking about creating a business and earning their own money. But it might be a good idea for them to do it and learn about finances, while earning some cash.  Most teenagers are open to new [...]

Entrepreneurs Guide: Building Your Child’s Character

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One of the most important jobs you do as a parent is build the characters of your children. Building your child’s character ensures your child grows up to be a hard worker, caring individual, and honest person. [...]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Clear Vision Statement

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If you want your company to be the next unicorn story, you need many things: a competent staff, an exciting product, a far-reaching marketing strategy, and a clear vision statement. Here are 5 reasons why your organization needs [...]

Entrepreneurs Teach Your Teens to Volunteer

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Are your teens experiencing a lull in their life where they feel bored with COVID locked in living situation? Maybe they are out of work and feel unsure about how to progress forward in life. If you identify with this or are just feeling unfulfilled or restless lately, [...]

Entrepreneurs’ Inner Vision: 3 Ways to Crush Bad Habits

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Do you bite your nails? Overeat junk food? Stay up too late? Yep, we’re talking about bad habits.  If you’re tired of living with your less than perfect habits, it might be time for a change. Whether you’re wanting to quit smoking or maybe hope to [...]

Entrepreneurs’ Inner Vision: 3 Traps That Will Ruin Visualization…and How to Fix Them

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The world keeps talking about how great visualization is and how well it works for them. Why then isn’t it working for you? The problem with visualization is how easily we can derail ourselves before we’ve even properly begun. Focusing on [...]

Entrepreneurs’ Inner Vision: 3 Exercises that will Help You Visualize

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We spend so much of our time at work. On average, you’ll spend one quarter to one-third of your life dealing with work. It’s no wonder making your work-life somehow ‘better’ is such an important goal among so many people. Thankfully there is a [...]