Going Virtual! Your Ultimate Guide to Online Team Building

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Someone invites you for morning coffee, which eventually ends with your whole team lining up for their shot of espresso. And at lunch, you all gather for laughs and non-work-related talks, and at the end of the shift, you all find each other’s smiles as another productive day has ended. Tomorrow awaits to be conquered![...]

Racism and Reviews: What Does Inclusion Have To Do With Your Business?

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We know how important customer reviews are to our business. Our potential customers depend on it before deciding to purchase with us. Apart from all our effort to post our services, create engaging content, and all other marketing tactics; customer reviews are still our primary gateway to gain the trust of our customers. [...]

Racism and Reviews: Will Yelp’s Stand against Racism Affect Your Business?

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If you know your business’ core values, you have nothing to fear. The online review company Yelp, released a statement saying that they would mark businesses that were reported to be racists. This would be based not only on news reports [...]

The Woman’s Entrepreneur’s Guide: Finding “Me” Time

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A hectic business, combined with trying to balance other areas of your life, may lead to you feeling like you are spinning too many plates in the air at once. With kids, family, work, employees, and the many responsibilities that we have to fulfill, [...]

An Entrepreneur’s Guide: Help Your Introverted Child Enjoy Social Interactions

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Does your child have difficulties with social interactions and activities? You can help them by gently encouraging them to get involved. Even if they’re naturally shy, learning social skills from a young age will benefit them for the rest of their life.[...]