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As businesses become more socially conscious, several social business trends have emerged in recent years. These include the uptake of automation and robotics, growing consumer expectations around responsible logistics, entrepreneurial push, family-friendly environments, top social issues, and labor participation rate.

Full-time employees becoming entrepreneurs has created a demand for various coaching opportunities, and businesses are increasingly looking to incorporate “edutainment” content into their marketing strategies. Social media is also essential in business decisions, with companies investing more money into video production and platforms such as TikTok taking over the world. Additionally, businesses are being held to higher environmental awareness, equality, and privacy standards.

  • Charity Trends
  • Academia Trends
  • Religious Organizational Trends
  • Social Activism Insights
  • New Social Business Ideas

Overall, these social trends can have a significant impact on startups and established businesses alike. Join our webinar to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to remain competitive and meet customer expectations.

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