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Consumer Insights_Retail & Restaurants

The retail and restaurant industries are experiencing a rapid shift in customer preferences and behaviors due to the effects of the pandemic. Here are some of the key trends being observed in the restaurant industry:

  • Modern Foodie Movement
  • Exterior Inspired Restaurant Designs
  • NFT Restaurant Loyalty Programs
  • Interactive Gamified Restaurant Apps
  • Edible Menus

Changing retail trends have pushed businesses to adapt quickly to meet their customers’ evolving needs:

  • Unstaffed Convenient Stores
  • Vacation-Ready Clothing Installations
  • Sci-Fi Inspired Shoe Stores
  • Text-to-Shop Retail Services
  • Live eCommerce Holiday Window Shopping

Both restaurants and retail stores are adapting to the changing needs of their customers by offering more digital experiences, looking at more sustainable options, and creating products and services that prioritize health and wellness. Join our webinar to understand what’s next in customer expectations for your establishment!


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