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Consumer Insights_Life & Travel

The current consumer trends for life and travel focus on convenience, personalized experiences, and sustainability.

Convenience is one of the biggest drivers of consumer trends in both life and travel. Consumers seek products and services that make it easier to do things or access what they need with minimal effort. This includes mobile applications, streaming services, location-based services, and wearables that make it easier to stay connected, complete tasks quickly, get around easily, or track their health and well-being.

There is a rise in experiential travel. People are looking to go beyond traditional sightseeing and seek unique ways of exploring their destinations. This includes food tours, volunteering, learning a new skill or hobby, guided hikes, and immersive experiences. Personalized experiences are becoming increasingly important as consumers seek unique ways of engaging with brands or destinations they visit.

From personalized advertisements tailored to individual interests to unique customer service experiences that recognize a customer’s past purchases or preferences – people want a more curated experience when interacting with businesses or services. Sign up today for this consumer trend webinar.


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