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Monday Accountability


Workplace accountability is when employees are responsible for the tasks they’re assigned. It’s a public form of responsibility within the work environment that allows team members to count and rely on each other, knowing that each person fully accepts and can execute their assigned duties.

Master workplace accountability by using our Monday Accountability Worksheet. Each team member completes their priorities for the week. Gathering around for your team huddle priorities are shared.

Monday Team Accountability Huddles helps answer questions like:

  • Are employees participating and helping fulfill the goals of the organization?
  • Can the employee be relied on to complete assignments and projects he/she is given?
  • Are there any barriers to their success for the week?

Without accountability, workplaces become environments that cause unhappiness, bitterness, and frustration for employees. This is why it’s so important to foster a team culture that holds every person accountable.

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