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Motivational Quote Social Media Post Design – Something inspired you? Share it with your online community, but do it in a way that engages them. 

With this service, you can select 12 of your favorite motivational quotes and our team will make you a unique post for each. 

These graphic cards are optimized for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. However, you can still apply the varying templates to any social media platform you choose, including blogs.

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You will identify 12 individual quotes/designs and format those 12 designs for Instagram, Facebook and their Story/Pinterest feature.

  • 12 Square Templates Ideal for Instagram (3840×3840)
  • 12 Vertical Templates Ideal for Stories/Pinterest (2160×3840)
  • 12 Horizontal Templates Ideal for Facebook (820×313)


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Social media cover plus profile images are designed for Instagram, Facebook, and Stories/Pinterest.