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How Can You Turn Your Business Into A Person?

Can you still remember how you started your business? Is it because it’s your hobby, a passion, or you just had a great eureka moment? Whatever it may be, it’s safe to say that our business is our brainchild. Apart of us extends to it as we materialize it into reality.

But as we go through establishing our business, how do we turn into more than just a structure of processes? To answer that, we revert to where we started and answer the question: WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?

Our business is an extension of ourselves but it doesn’t mean that it has to embody exactly who we are. To make it unique, we have to create our personality. It’s like building a character in a story or making an avatar in a game. What values will your business have? What type of “person” will it be to your customers? Our business’ character must also resonate to and be felt by our customers. It’s great to have a strong foundation of what we define our business as but it’s more important to make our customers see who we are; to make them visualize us, to make them see that we are not just an establishment, that there is a person behind the name. 

With the embodiment of a persona, we can easily connect with our customers. By making our business human, they can relate to us, we can invoke emotion from them, and our communication with each other will be more authentic. However, at the start, we must first make it clear how we would approach them. What is our brand’s voice? Are we straightforward, humorous, or formal? To know that, we go back to how we define our business; what is the voice that best fits our brand’s overall message? 

Through this connection, we are bridging the gaps between an online sale and a real-life store visit. Humanizing our brand lets us transcend from the screen where they see or contact us from. 

The competition is tough. There are a lot of businesses like you everywhere, and your customers can also easily find them. But one of the things that can make you stand out is your authenticity. Remember, “people buy from people.”