Weekly sessions will primarily focus on the goals set during our assessment meeting(s). However, the below steps will be integrated.

Step One:  Define a clear Vision, Mission, and Core Values Statements.

Every firm has a set of core values that complement its Vision and Mission. Even if not written, a firm’s statements do exist and will require identification as part of this process. We will examine your core values to understand how they should influence the development of your marketing strategy.

Step Two:  This step will be a focus of analysis, we will consider: your company, your brand, your customers, your industry, and your competitors.

We will analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your business. We will assess your competition. We will define how to measure your marketing efforts and who in your team is responsible for which marketing activities.

Step Three:  To this point, we will prepare goals and developing the business Marketing Strategy and Calendar for approval.

Step Four:  We will build a profile for your ideal customer to target. We will explore how sales and marketing should work together to complement each other.

Step Five:  We will prioritize your marketing channels (examples include: social media platforms, email marketing, online advertising), refine your core messaging, and build a marketing program calendar.

Stage Six:  We will ensure that there is a rationale marketing budget in place to support your marketing efforts.