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What comes to mind when you think of a Hero? Someone who can make meet challenges head-on and carry defeats or failures until they are corrected, They perform the impossible and want to save the day! Now, what if you associate a company or product with those characteristics? Mastery, courageousness, transformative power… those characteristics can create a powerful emotional connection that can inspire loyalty – and even devotion.

As an example of a company with those attributes, think of Nike. Nike has transformed its customers’ worlds. They see themselves as upstanding individuals that conquer the bullies. They inspire others to succeed despite their obvious obstacles.

When you can connect with your customers in such a strong and profound way that they become lifelong customers. That doesn’t come easily or by going through the motions. It happens when your brand is so authentic and strong that it creates a deep, fundamental psychological connection with people. That takes time, but is worth your commitment.

Our Solution

Understanding and harnessing the power of Brand Archetypes can be like learning a new language. It is a vital step, take time to learn about archetypes and think about how they might apply to your business’s brand.

This session with our Founder, Darlene Gagnon will cover a broad range of iconic characters and characteristics, everything from the good guy (Hero) to the bad guy (Rebel).

Then she will teach you how to apply these personalities to increase customer loyalty that drives revenue.

Key Deliverable:

  • 60-Minute Session
  • Brand Assessment Survey
  • Re-Branding Questionnaire
  • Easy to edit PPT Brand Presentation
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