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National Get Caught Reading Month We know how it is, there’s something special about getting lost in a book, but everyone around you intimates that you’re secluding yourself, or that you’re a bookish nerd. But how could you not want to lose yourself in another world, to go on great adventures and think deep thoughts with the greatest storytellers and thinkers of the ages. Hide your obsession no more! Get Caught Reading Month is your chance to come out of your bookish nook, and get caught reading!

History has provided us with writers of every type, and books ranging from simple poetry to philosophy and complex scientific concepts. With so much exciting content in the world to read, it’s amazing there aren’t more people getting caught reading every day. In 1999 it was decided that there needed to be a celebration of reading and the authors that produce the works we love to lose ourselves in. So it was that the Association of American Publishers, the AAP, supported www.getcaughtreading.com in dedicating an entire month to being caught with your nose in a book.