There has been much debate in business circles about entrepreneurship’s best personality type: extroversion or introversion.

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The Silent Entrepreneur Keynote

Introverts are masters at execution. Not only are they highly creative, but their ability to tune out the noise around them creates an environment of focus to turn innovative ideas into reality. They are internal thinkers. Their cherished alone time allows them to analyze their business, make adjustments, or master their skills by ongoing learning.

They don’t need to be center-stage because they understand balancing pride and humility. Introverts are focused on the details of delivering time done right products or services. They have sharp ears and listen more than they speak. Often, they can read a room and intuitively understand the underlying messages said even when no one is talking. It is a competitive edge.

I know these professed traits well as an introvert. Even though I speak and write as an accomplished entrepreneur, twelve years ago, when I started my businesses, I knew there would only be one obstacle that would stop my success. It is the introvert’s worst nightmare: Dealing with People.

Who is the best leader, an introvert or an extrovert?

This Keynote shares the same tools, techniques, and strategies I followed in succeeding in this journey. I have included these lessons with various reflections and exercises.

This journey starts with clarifying your beliefs and values, discovering your authentic leadership style & how to protect a healthy self-concept of what entrepreneurship is as an introvert. The path continues with techniques that will help you accept and embrace your leadership as an introvert.

The last few stops on this journey will help you develop the courage to show your team (and the world) that you can honor your introversion and lead with confidence to achieve success. You will set yourself free from the expectations of others.

By the way, I built my self-esteem through this process. Now I live and run my businesses according to what’s important to me and not others’ expectations.

  • You’ll discover aspects of how to succeed given this unique temperament.

  • Your business success reflects your self-esteem. Now, you will have the courage to be yourself.

  • Learn to accept yourself and the value you have to offer your team, business, and the world.

  • Discover your passions again and learn how to enjoy them in your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Keynote Workbook & Materials

  • 30-day Post Keynote Webinar Follow-Up

This Keynote can be designed as a break-out session for a conference. Virtual sessions can be designed with Q & A sessions.

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