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Consumer Trends Keynote

Whether it’s new start-up ideas, tech, fashion, or the latest design trends, why do certain ideas or activities capture the public imagination? How do trends emerge? Who is responsible for them? And what defines a “trend” as opposed to a short-lived fad?

It’s often difficult to spot the start of trends because they boil down to social forces among which styles or tastes change. Once the changes have been shared and adopted by a critical mass, they gain a footing. This becomes an opportunity for entrepreneurs and creative minds to develop new products and new services.

How to spot trends; see the future to build and protect your business.

The speed of change that we experiencing can be overwhelming as business owners. The post-COVID event has made each of us pause and rethink not only our businesses but our personal lives and communities.

Recession proofing our business and identifying trends that can create new products and services are strategies that should be a part of our business planning regardless of the current environment.

The next five years will bring change, disruption, and opportunity. Regardless of your business size understanding the upcoming trends on a deeper level will help you plan for a range of outcomes, and assess your preparedness for any scenarios.

  • The next 5 to 10 years are going to redefine your customer. Learn these trends.

  • Learn how to work in the “now” while planning for the future.

  • Learn how to innovate through the chaos.

  • Get inspired – get an inside look at the newest products and service ideas

  • Create a culture of change and innovation in your business and community.

  • Keynote Workbook & Materials

  • 30-day Post Keynote Webinar Follow-Up

This Keynote can be designed as a break-out session for a conference. Virtual sessions can be designed with Q & A sessions.

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