Join us for an evening of connection.

The official launch of The Silent Entrepreneur Book and The Entrepreneur Series.

Date & Time

29 Sept 2022

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

TBD Location

The Woodlands, Texas

United States

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  • Proceeds to benefit The Woodlands Kiwanis Club


  • 800-951-3755

Book Signing

The Silent Entrepreneur Book Launch is the kick-off to the 360-Entrepreneur Series. What is The 360 Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur who takes a 360-degree view of their lives is what we call a 360-Entrepreneur. There can never be an end to analyzing one’s life; failing to live life intentionally is the ultimate sin.

Entrepreneurs must see they have a higher calling than any other individual in business and society. When small business represents 50% of the USA’s GDP and 40% of Canada’s GDP, an entrepreneur’s decisions affect many.

Join us as Darlene shares her passion to rid entrepreneurs of their ongoing guilt or what we call “imposter syndrome.”

She will challenge them not to be a victim but become victorious over their challenges and obstacles. Her goal is to provide business owners with the knowledge and tools they need to become more conscious humans, business owners, parents, community leaders, and citizens.