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The Sales Playbook


In The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth, we not only delve into the necessity of developing these processes within a company but also provide valuable techniques, tools, and procedures that sales teams can begin implementing immediately.


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– As a salesperson, how much time do you spend learning proven sales techniques from your company’s Top Producers?

– How much time do you spend practicing those techniques in-house, refining them with other team members before taking your final, polished approach on the road?

– And how much time each day or week does your Sales Manager spend helping you develop those high-performing techniques and processes?

– Same question for you, Sales Managers: How much of your day or week is dedicated to growing your sales team?

– How much time do you spend teaching or arranging for the mentoring or practicing of proven sales techniques?

– Are you teaching your salespeople how to fish, or are you just telling them how many fish they need to bring in to meet quota?


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