The Experiment


From the Author

People who read The Experiment ask me if I’m Dennis, the business person looking to change his life, or Robert, the coach. They laugh when I tell them I’m both. This story is based on my personal transformation and on the journeys of the many others whom I’ve helped.
When you finish this book, you can go online and get ongoing support with making these changes in your life, delivered via short video courses. When you combine the free follow-up e-course with the exercises in the book–which you can download and use as well–you’ll be on your way to living a richer, fuller life.
I’d be honored to be your guide along your path.
Humbly Yours,
R. Michael Anderson

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Stressed? Overwhelmed? Burned Out?

Dennis is living on the edge. His business is struggling, he’s separated from his wife and kids, and he’s in utter turmoil because he can’t see a way out…

Until he meets a coach named Robert.

Skeptical at first, Dennis takes a chance-;he calls it his Experiment. And in just three coaching sessions with Robert, Dennis accomplishes a personal transformation that gets him back on track with amazing speed.

All too often in life we feel burdened with the task of living. Disconnected from our passion, our joy. Maybe we’re stuck in a dead-end job and struggling to make ends meet. Maybe we’re successful in business but pay too high a price in stress. Maybe the most important relationships in our lives-with our spouses, our children, our friends-are failing. Sometimes it’s hard not to shake a feeling of hopelessness.

But there is a way out.


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