Rethink Happy

An Entrepreneur’s Journey Toward Authentic Joy.


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A profoundly inspiring parable for anyone who has experienced success—and wondered if there is something more . . . 

Cleve has it all. Or so he thinks. Then an apparent chance encounter with an old man named Camino causes him to realize that what he believes is happiness is merely a shadow of the joy he could experience.

Yes, having money and cool cars and freedom is fun, but happiness is not a result of accumulating stuff. Told in a compelling parable format, Rethink Happy challenges readers to redefine authentic joy. Join Cleve as Camino leads him on a journey through three key principles of old-school philosophy and new-school science that can inspire anyone who has wondered how to achieve true happiness, struggled with how to be successful at home as well as in business, or tried to make sense of setbacks.

From an entrepreneur who has faced—and bounced back from—disaster, and learned that success and happiness has less to do with him and his ego and more to do with something deeper, Rethink Happy is an inspiring story for anyone facing obstacles in work or in life.


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