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Coaching Your Marketing Leader | Team


$1,000-$2,500 (QUOTATION REQUIRED)



Coaching Your Marketing Leader | Team – Drive the professional development of your marketing leader/team to maximize your marketing efforts and budget.

As business owners, if we’re honest with each other, we can all recite stories from our pasts about "flying by the seat of our pants" when it comes to executing the marketing function. Sometimes this works, because we have experienced (and the scars to prove it), and our instincts are pretty darn good. However, the rest of your team can quickly get frustrated when your marketing leader/team doesn’t adhere to the same disciplines that guide the rest of your business.

Through this service, you will receive:

  1. Your marketing leader/team day to day activities will combine with an experienced entrepreneur/marketer, our Founder, Darlene Gagnon. This interaction will fuel their professional development and focus your leader/team on your business initiatives.
  2. Two – Three Day Initial Assessment – Full audit of your current marketing department or team, their skillsets, marketing plan & budget, your processes, reporting, and business initiatives.
  3. Weekly Meeting with your Marketing leader/team – We will discuss project breakdown; key initiatives, discuss challenges; define what the team should start, stop, and keep doing.
  4. Ad-hoc Access to Darlene Gagnon – Address impromptu issues that arise during the week.
  5. Quarterly Meeting – Progress update with the marketing leader/team supervisor or you as a business owner to provide updates on progress.

We have created this Coaching Package to help marketers plan like you think and act like you as the business owner. We give your marketing leader/team direction, instill confidence, and boost credibility with leadership.

Here are some things you should expect from our Coaching Package:

  •    It starts with the Vision. Marketing strategies and programs that work will derive from the Vision and values of the organization. Creating a plan in a vacuum wastes effort at best and leads marketing leaders/teams in unproductive directions at worst. We use your business Vision to establish a pulling force, guiding all marketing activities and strategic decision-making.
  •    It’s a process. We analyze business opportunities. We select and develop your marketing mix (examples include choosing Facebook advertising vs. PPC advertising). Then create a method to manage your marketing efforts.
  •    It’s comprehensive. During weekly meetings, we work through steps that will help your marketing leader/team plan your marketing effectively.
  •    It’s measurable. The cliché that you can’t manage what you can’t measure applies. Vanity metrics that show how busy marketing is will not do. They don’t fool anyone, and they lead to a loss of credibility. We will identify metrics that will serve as valid indicators of your marketing leader/team’s contribution.
  •    It looks at resources. Comprehensive marketing plans consider not just what marketing needs to do, but the resources to successfully execute the plan. We will identify gaps in resources or skillset.
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There’s another vital benefit to putting a well-constructed marketing plan in place: it gives your marketing leader/team the power to say “no” to requests that have no merit. When your organization does not have a marketing plan, it’s hard to say no to the many things marketing is asked to do that don’t make sense.


Are Assessments done in person?2019-10-21T12:59:00-05:00

Yes, regular assessments can require two to three working days. Travel expenditures are additional.

Are Coaching Meetings in-person?2019-10-21T12:59:37-05:00

No, coaching sessions are via Skype or a video application.

Explain the Assessment Meeting2019-10-21T13:07:41-05:00

The assessment is designed to gather the information needed to coach your leader/team to success. We will identify barriers to success and make decisions on how to navigate through these barriers.

Stage One: Strategic Direction

  1. Training and Content Prep – Acquire all business training or marketing materials required.
  2. Organizational Overview – Our initial meeting, include other departments in your organization besides marketing. Share a brief history of the organization and product/service(s), details describing how your product/service is unique.
  3. Policies and Guidelines – Discuss non-negotiable policies such as data and privacy policies.
  4. Research/Competitors – Share main competitors and any industry/market research you may have completed. If the general competitive analysis is not complete, we will require this during our first coaching session.
  5. Strategy & Action Plan – Share what the business would like to achieve, and how you think it should be delivered.

Stage Two: Operational Plan 

  1. Establish Plan – Collaboratively, we will build an action plan with goals, tasks, and processes required for success.
  2. Determine Workflow – Determine an operational workflow to produce consistent results.
  3. First Project(s) – Set an initial marketing goal that is defined and measurable.
  4. Regular Meetings – Provide and schedule a weekly meeting with a consistent agreed upon cadence.

Stage Three: Communication Requirements

  1. Contact Information – Daily contacts required to achieve results.
  2. Schedules and Meetings – Establish an ongoing check-in meeting schedule as well as for deciding upon possible standing meeting schedule for updates and collaboration.
  3. Communication Protocol – Provide a communication protocol for escalating any issues that may occur.

Stage Four: Measurement & Performance

  1. Establish Measurement – Determine criteria for measurement (metrics) then decide which specific KPI(s) (Key Performance Indicators) are required. Ensure that all the necessary tools and analytics are set up for tracking/reporting purposes and establish the frequency of reporting needed/recommended.
  2. Final Arrangements – Discuss any challenges with past marketing leaders/team or agency partner(s) and ensure a transition plan is in place.
  3. Begin First Coaching Session – Ensure the leader/team use a project management process/system consistently with continued tracking reporting and optimization occurs throughout the relationship.


Explain the Coaching Sessions2019-10-21T12:52:17-05:00

Weekly sessions will primarily focus on the goals set during our assessment meeting(s). However, the below steps will be integrated.

Step One:  Define a clear Vision, Mission, and Core Values Statements.

Every firm has a set of core values that complement its Vision and Mission. Even if not written, a firm’s statements do exist and will require identification as part of this process. We will examine your core values to understand how they should influence the development of your marketing strategy.

Step Two:  This step will be a focus of analysis, we will consider: your company, your brand, your customers, your industry, and your competitors.

We will analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your business. We will assess your competition. We will define how to measure your marketing efforts and who in your team is responsible for which marketing activities.

Step Three:  To this point, we will prepare goals and developing the business Marketing Strategy and Calendar for approval.

Step Four:  We will build a profile for your ideal customer to target. We will explore how sales and marketing should work together to complement each other.

Step Five:  We will prioritize your marketing channels (examples include: social media platforms, email marketing, online advertising), refine your core messaging, and build a marketing program calendar.

Stage Six:  We will ensure that there is a rationale marketing budget in place to support your marketing efforts.

How do we prepare for the Assessment Session?2019-10-21T13:00:48-05:00

We will provide you an onboarding checklist. We require the following surveys completed:

  1. Brand Assessment Survey
  2. Business and Marketing Alignment Survey
  3. Sales and Marketing Alignment Survey
How is the cost assessed?2019-10-21T13:00:15-05:00

Coaching sessions are priced based on the number of individuals requiring coaching and marketing budget/activity.

How long is a Weekly Coaching Meeting?2019-10-21T12:58:35-05:00

A typical coaching session is one hour and once a week. The hour creates a demand for preparation and focuses on the topics needing immediate attention.

The meeting agenda prepared by the marketing leader then sent to meeting participants one working day before the session. Agenda items will include standard topics, needs of the marketing team, and requests from Darlene Gagnon.

How much should my marketing budget be?2019-10-21T13:01:28-05:00

The US Small Business Administration states the average marketing budget is 7.5% of gross revenue. We know this cannot always be a rationale dollar investment so we will work with you to define what you need to spend on your marketing efforts to ensure a safe return on investment.

What size of a business is this best suited?2019-10-21T21:51:33-05:00

We recommend our Coaching Package for anyone who has an annual revenue of $1 million+ and/or a yearly marketing budget of $50K+ — “Budget should be inclusive of the salary cost of your marketing leader/team.”

The US Small Business Administration states that the average marketing budget is 7.5% of gross revenue. We know this cannot always be a rationale dollar investment, so we will work with you to define what you need to spend on your marketing efforts to ensure a safe return on investment.

Who should be in attendance during the Assessment Session?2019-10-21T12:56:13-05:00

Key decision-makers that partake in the long-term planning of your business. Founders, Co-Founders, Board of Directors, Marketing Teams, and C-Level Executives.