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Racism and Reviews: What Does Inclusion Have To Do With Your Business?

We know how important customer reviews are to our business. Our potential customers depend on it before deciding to purchase with us. Apart from all our effort to post our services, create engaging content, and all other marketing tactics; customer reviews are still our primary gateway to gain the trust of our customers. The stars they would give us would potentially earn us another new client and enable us to make a sale. 

Positive reviews are your best friends and while negative reviews may be bad, it would still play a huge part in your customer service. But what happens when you get the worst of it? What would you do when an employee or someone in your team has been accused of racism?

As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Rather than waiting for that to happen, here are a few things you can do to make your business inclusive.

  • Work from inside-out
    How we treat our customers is reflective of how we treat or interact with our employees. When our team is already or is continuously learning to be diverse and inclusive, it won’t be that hard in catering to the needs of a diverse set of customers.
  • Keeping our biases in-check
    While we continue to be a better team and a business, there would still be times that we unconsciously become biased or discriminatory. We might make jokes or say comments that are offensive to our customers. These microaggressions may be a product of a culture that we are brought into; hence, it’s not entirely our fault. And when we get called out, it’s now our choice to either take offense or to acknowledge our unconscious mistake.
  • A customer is a customer
    Acknowledging and embracing diversity is not just a task for your team but it is a social responsibility. We can identify colors of the rainbow, black from white, and or all other opposites out there that continue to divide us, but when it comes to our customers, there should be no differentiating. The only time we need to differentiate is when we target our audience. 

Our business relies on our customers and it is our top priority to cater to their needs. Happy customers result in great reviews while dissatisfied ones result in a less number of stars or nothing at all. These reviews are given opportunities for us to succeed and improve. As much we try to humanize our brand, we too, should look into our own humanity, and treat our customers how we deserve to be treated!