Soul-Centered Leadership

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Unlock your Greatest Leader

Are you looking to have it all? Success in the outer world and fulfillment within? Do you want to create a better world for yourself and those around you? Discover how to tap into the most dynamic force in the universe—your higher power—and manifest it in your life. Soul-Centered Leadership teaches you to:

  • Gain fearless confidence through shedding old beliefs
  • Find purposeful direction in life and business
  • Motivate and inspire others from a place of love
  • Enjoy deep fulfillment and inner peace
  • Create BIGGER than you’ve ever imagined possible

Transform your life and business using a powerful yet practical method for engaging with the world—and the deepest parts of yourself.

BONUS: Included with the book is a membership to an exclusive online community of like-minded leaders for interactive exercises and to connect with the author.

  1. Michael Anderson is the best-selling author of The Experimentand an international speaker, radio-show host and leadership educator whose clients include Uber and Microsoft. After achieving success as an entrepreneur—with three international software companies to his credit—Michael earned a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. Now he devotes himself to teaching others the tools that transformed his own life, so that they too can achieve new levels of personal and business success.

              Praise for Soul-Centered Leadership

“Our team was growing quickly and I needed to learn how to improve my leadership skills. Soul-Centered Leadership definitely provided what I was looking for, but it took us beyond that, deeper than I ever expected. It helped us grow as human beings. Amazing book.”

 – Marko Kovac, co-founder/CEO at Repsly

“There’s certainly more management than there is leadership. Even those who assume the role of leader in any organization need more than vision. R. Michael Anderson holds people to a higher standard…one that connects readers to a deeper purpose and introspection. This sets the stage for a new era of leadership, fusing vision with soul.”

– Brian Solis, digital anthropologist, futurist, author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

“Michael Anderson’s progressive book gives leaders a luminous compass by which to navigate a much deeper, more creative and compassionate form of leadership and management.”

– Steve Chandler, author of Reinventing Yourself

“I’ve always said, when you really care more about your employees than you care about your company, they’ll go through brick walls for you. Michael’s book takes caring to a whole new level. Must read.”

– Cameron Herold, Author of Double Double and Meetings Suck

“Let’s face it, it’s tough to start and grow a business. Soul-Centered Leadership gives practical tools to use to start leading your own elevated life, then you can truly lead others. When your creativity and creation comes from your core, or soul, level, wow – it’s powerful!”

– Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

“Soul-Cantered Leadership offers a high teaching on how to lead with purpose, courage and love.  Michael is graduate of the University of Santa Monica and has MA in Spiritual Psychology. He has been taught by the best and he has mission to raise the consciousness of the world by inspiring one leader at a time.”

– Robert Holden, author of Authentic Success and Shift Happens!


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