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SEO | 25 Hours – Ranking high in search results attract more visitors to your site; visitors who can become your customers. 

As a business owner, search engines should be your best friend. Your customers run to them before they come to you. And when you’re a customer, more often than not, you would most likely click the top results of what you searched for. This is where SEO comes in. 

An effective SEO puts you ahead of the race. More than giving your customers what they want, your online visibility must also tell them that you are what they need.

With our team, you are giving them just that. We’ll give you an SEO package that is customizable based on who your customers are and what your business is. 

With our help, you can: 

  • Have a site that has an efficient and high-quality SEO, which makes you searchable by your target audience.
  • Work with a team of experts who already helped over 27,000 business owners boost their ranking.
  • Have higher local search rankings at a budget-friendly price. You will also know where every dollar is going with our transparent reports.
  • Know the effectiveness and improve your SEO strategy through our constant monitoring.
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Can I cancel my other forms of advertising and just use SEO?2019-09-29T22:25:26-05:00

We do not recommend using SEO as a replacement for what you’re currently doing. SEO compliments other forms of advertising like social media advertising, print or radio, and you will see the most impact by adding SEO to your current marketing efforts.

Does SEO work for every type of business?2019-09-29T22:27:03-05:00

Yes! As long as a business offers a viable product or service at a reasonable price, then SEO can move their website higher in search rankings and drive more sales.

Does SEO work for every type of business?2019-09-29T22:23:43-05:00

Yes! As long as your business offers a viable product or service at a reasonable price, then SEO can move your website higher in search rankings and drive more sales.

How are the keywords chosen?2019-09-29T22:28:24-05:00

The keywords we suggest are unique to every business and are based on extensive research. We consider many factors including your specific products or services, industry, location, competition, and more. Our goal is finding the keywords that will provide the most impact for your business, regardless of the package you choose.

How do I get started?2019-10-20T18:14:52-05:00

Please proceed to checkout after your purchase you will receive an email providing you a link to complete our New Customer Application. You can expect a phone call from us within 1 working day from the time your order is placed. You can email us at or contact us at 800.951.3755 ext. 1.

How does SEO work exactly?2019-09-29T22:20:56-05:00

Search engines like Google look at two things when evaluating your website and deciding where to rank it – RELEVANCE and TRUST.  RELEVANCE is the content of a website and the code behind the scenes.  If your code is optimized and the content on your site is relevant to a search, Google will move you up in the rankings.  TRUST refers to how many other sites on the internet are linking back to your site.  If a large number of high-quality sites are pointing to you, Google will start to trust you and move you up in the rankings.

How long does it take to see results?2019-09-29T22:22:56-05:00

Good SEO can’t be done overnight, it takes time. Many of our customers start to see results in 3-4 months. In fact, over 80% of our small business clients can reach the 1st page of Google after 6 months if the right conditions are met.

How will I know that SEO is working?2019-09-29T22:24:29-05:00

We provide total transparency into all of the work that we perform. Each client is given access to a custom reporting dashboard that shows every single SEO action being performed both on and off their website. You will be able to track every dollar of your SEO spend, as well as monitor keyword movement and overall performance. We also provide monthly updates to all SEO customers to review campaign activity and performance, ensuring that your goals are being achieved.

What is SEO?2019-09-29T22:18:52-05:00

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the work that goes into a website to make it appear higher in the results of search engines like Google and Bing.

What languages are supported?2019-09-29T22:27:43-05:00

We provide SEO services in English (North America, UK, Australia), French, and Spanish.

What tactics do you use to improve website rank?2019-09-29T22:26:08-05:00
  1. Keyword Optimization: It takes a lot to rank well for a keyword, so we do exhaustive research to find the very best one’s keywords for the business.
  2. Website Optimization: We perform a full-service cleanup as well as exhaustive upgrades to the website code and user experience.
  3. Business Profile Development: To make sure Google and prospective customers know that the business is active, we create and maintain up-to-date profiles on trusted online business directories.
  4. Link Portfolio Development: Get the word out about the business. We help by creating a diverse portfolio of links to the website and place them in strategic locations all over the web—on popular industry sites, news sites, blogs, articles, and more.
  5. Custom Content Creation: We create and post high-quality content that will keep the website fresh and at the top of the search rankings and keep potential customers interested.
  6. Service and Performance Reporting: We provide reporting tools that show businesses at-a-glance how their campaign is performing as well as an in-depth review of all the work we’ve done on their behalf.
  7. Campaign Monitoring and SEO Consulting: Our goal is to help small businesses succeed online. To help achieve this we actively monitor every SEO campaign to identify areas for improvement. We also provide monthly consultations to review each campaign and ensure client goals are being met.