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Famous entrepreneur Scott Olivet (Oakley, Mervin Manufacturing, Da Kine and more) said “90% of business books should be pamphlets or workbooks.”

We agree … we hope that you will write in the space provided here, in the margins, everywhere …

In order to support your leadership journey and growth, we recommend focusing on ONE Paper Napkin Wisdom per week.  There are takeaways, and five questions at the end that we all are fire starters, designed to ignite your leadership transformation.

The Fire starters are short questions that will allow you to focus, align, and act.

Each week, as you grow your leadership in simple steps, you will focus on building one aspect of your leadership muscle. In order to really be impactful, you will need to focus on the task at hand and on completing the steps and answering the five questions in the Fire starter.  Reading the chapter and answering the questions should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes a week.

Then align yourself with people who can help you. Join in the conversation on the Paper Napkin Wisdom community on Facebook. Surround yourself with team members, peers, and mentors who can help you with your journey. We challenge you to be transparent about the transformation you plan to make. Do not underestimate what you can accomplish in a year.

Finally, act. Execute what you have said you will do in the Fire-Starter and ignite your leadership journey.

You can also go to PaperNapkinWisdom.comand listen to the entire interview with each of our Paper Napkin Wisdom guests.  Just search for their name and go.  This is especially useful if the message in the week’s lesson is causing you to stall.


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