Our days can become inconsistent. Some plans aren’t made, setbacks get in our way, and sometimes we just become too unmotivated and unproductive. But that’s all okay as long as we take a breather, and never lose track of our goals. 

A life planner isn’t the key to solving all the problems that may come in our lives but it helps us remember why we keep on going, it tracks our progress, and it keeps our lives in check. 

This planner template includes the following pages. 

  • Yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planner pages
  • Expenses, income, bills, and budget tracker
  • Meal planner, grocery list, cleaning schedule, recipe card
  • Fitness progress tracker, water tracker, medical info, monthly workout log
  • Notes, books to read, to-do list, birthday list

Success comes to those who come in ready and prepared for the days ahead, so go on, get it!