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Google My Business Verification & Claim – Fully managed verification and claiming your Google My Business listing.

In a world where clicks can define success, getting noticed on Google is an advantage. And to top that, a claimed and verified Google listing gets 5x more views than ordinary listings that are not claimed by their owners.

Luckily for you, we have a unique relationship with Google. Hence, with our service, our Marketing Strategist will spare you from the hassle as we can quickly verify and claim your Google My Business.

Through this service, you will receive:

  • An assistance from our Marketing Strategist  to claim and verify your Google My Business listing
  • A fully owned Google My Business listing
  • Active reports that would include the number of times a consumer interacts with your listing on Google, all easily seen through our platform.
GMB Verification & Claim Brochure
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Claiming a Google My Business listing can be time-consuming and challenging. Typically, this process requires a physical postcard to be sent to your business address with a unique PIN that verifies their location. This service eliminates all of that hassle.


Can I list a tracking phone number?2019-09-11T09:02:02-05:00

Tracking numbers cannot be listed as a phone number on the listing. You will need to provide the local phone number for the business.

Can service area businesses be claimed?2019-09-07T21:32:15-05:00

Not through this service. We can only claim GMB listings for businesses who have a storefront. If the business is home-based, as long as there is a sign on the property and customers go to that location for goods and/or services and the address can be publicly displayed on the listing, Google will accept this as a storefront.

Can we claim the listings of a business that is still under construction?2019-09-07T21:56:28-05:00

No, it is best to wait until the business has a permanent address and phone number.

Do I need a Gmail account?2019-09-07T21:31:13-05:00

We need access to a Gmail inbox in order to claim and monitor the listing. We will also use this email address to log in to the listing after it is claimed.

Does this service include updating the listing sites with rich data?2019-09-07T21:36:06-05:00

This includes updating the business’ name, address, phone number, hours of operation, and website.

I run two different businesses with the same phone number and address. Can we claim their listings?2019-09-07T21:32:53-05:00

Businesses that are listed at an identical address and phone number will be seen as duplicates of each other and may be removed from Google My Business.

What can I do to make sure I prepared for prior to your agency onboarding me as a client?2019-09-07T22:11:37-05:00

You should be prepared to confirm the name, address, phone number, hours of operation, and website of their business. In addition, you will need to be present at the business and able to take incoming calls at the primary business number.

What if I do not have a physical address?2019-09-07T21:34:52-05:00

For service area businesses, most listing sites will still require a real address. Some sites, like Google and Yelp, can suppress the address so it is not viewable online.

What if my listings are already claimed?2019-09-07T21:37:36-05:00

Most listings can be reclaimed via phone or postcard verification. However, if you have previously paid for a service that claimed and continues to monitor your listing, or if someone else within the corporate umbrella is currently monitoring the listing, we may not be able to ‘break’ the claim. Our service is non-refundable if we begin the intake process of trying to claim your listings.

When will my listings be correct?2019-09-07T21:32:37-05:00

Assuming you meet all of the criteria to be claimed, the process can take less than 10 business days.