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Google My Business Social Media Posting – Improve your Google My Business listing engagement by actively posting each month. 

With Google My Business, your potential customers can easily find you. However, you need to make them choose you and turn them into loyal customers. Luckily for you, it can be done efficiently and effectively. 

You just need to utilize all the features that came with your Google My Business listing, specifically the features that could gain engagement from your target customers. 

Do you have events coming up or new products to promote? You can share that with your customers by using your listing. And with our service, we’ll help you do that with ease. 

With us, you will:

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Google My Business posts disappear after 7 days.  As per guidelines from Google, our team will develop posts that are short with highly engaging images.  No links but will likely include a sentence or two. Google My Business posts should only be used on events or promotional items.  This service is not available for business categories that belong to the lodging industry like hotels, motels, guest houses, and RV sites.


How can I see what posts you did for my business?2019-09-22T20:13:13-05:00

Our team will send monthly reports to you that will outline the previous month’s posts. Posts can also be viewed in the Social Marketing dashboard.

If I do not like one of the posts, am I able to delete it?2019-09-12T20:57:03-05:00

Yes, you are free to log in to your Google My Business account and remove the post you wish.

What kinds of posts can I expect to see?2019-09-12T20:56:23-05:00

These posts should be short with highly engaging images. No links but should include a sentence or two. They should only be used on events or promotional items and will disappear after 7 days.

What’s the expected timeline?2019-09-12T20:55:55-05:00

You should be prepared to hear from our team within the first day of the current month to discuss your posts for the following month. This conversation needs to happen by the 15th of the month. The posts will then be prepared by our team and sent out to you for approval within 10 business days. After that, we will email you to seek your approval on the posts.

Where can I preview the posts?2019-09-12T20:55:10-05:00

The posts are emailed to you for approval. Your salesperson is copied on the communication, as well. Once approved, all posts will be visible in the “Scheduled Posts” tab in Social Marketing.