When our children are at school or among their peers, we cannot control the circumstances that might happen to them. Or even at home, there might be events that will affect our children more than we thought so. 

Bullying is a problem that spans generations, and in recent years, the victims of physical bullying have become younger and younger. While verbal bullying remains constant regardless of age.

And here are a few statistics about bullying that should deserve our attention:

– Professionals estimate that over 160,000 children skip school each day to avoid being bullied.

– Over 3.2 million students are bullied each academic year.

– Almost 1/5th  of students report being bullied two or more times each month.

– 25% of surveyed teachers don’t believe there’s anything wrong with bullying.

– Two-thirds of students believe that schools do little to dissuade or intervene when bullying is reported.

– 10% of students drop out of school due to bullying.

Our children are shaped by the environment they are in, and when bullying is prevalent, then that disrupts not just their learning but also their entire well-being. 

They can become victims or even the bully themselves, and often, it’s already too late when we figure that out. 

Like any obstacle, there is nothing wrong with being prepared. With that, we give you a guide to know more about bullying and how to bully-proof your children, no matter which side of the story they are.