Digital Ads: Landing Page



ONE TIME SET UP CHARGE – Must be combined with one of our Digital Ads programs.

Digital Ads: Landing Page – Influence more potential customers to do business with you by adding a landing page to your advertising strategy. 

Your online strategy is not just about making your target audience aware of your business but most importantly, it should encourage them to buy from you; to turn them into your customers. 

Improve your advertising campaigns by utilizing a landing page so that you can make your customers turn towards your business. 

When we work together, we will help by:

  • Creating banner ads that are visually-pleasing so that you’ll influence your target audience to do business with you.
  • Ensuring that you get more value from what you spent. Our digital advertising strategists will assist you to get your target results
  • Giving you a customizable campaign strategy so that you can generate more interaction from your target audience. Add-ons are priced up to $50 to $500 and can be purchased multiple times.
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How am I billed?2019-10-11T15:13:17-05:00

We require a credit card on file before we begin.  The initial fee for the main service will be charged at activation (within the first working week).  Additional advertising add-ons will be charged approximately 5 days before the start of the advertising campaign.

How will I know that our digital advertising is working and delivering real results?2019-10-10T20:57:13-05:00

We will provide you with regularly scheduled, easy to read reports that are focused on real results for your business, phone calls and new customers through the door.

I’m already doing some online marketing like social media and I have a website, why do I need to do anything else?2019-10-06T22:07:01-05:00

“If we build it, they will come” does not always hold true, especially online. So much information is competing online for people’s attention. The key to success is to be there for the right person at the right time. When you use Digital Advertising you accomplish just this, and your existing online efforts like your website and social media are far more effective for it. When all of the pieces work together, that’s when you see real business results.

What do I need to do to get started?2019-10-10T20:56:18-05:00

The order form will have a wide range of questions concerning the content, and type of ad you wish to create if advertising add-ons are purchased. Additionally, one of our skilled marketing strategists will work with you concerning the creation of the native ad’s content in an onboard conversation.

What do you need from me on an ongoing basis?2019-10-10T20:58:03-05:00

Any information that you can provide about special promotions you are running that we can feature could be helpful to us in creating a winning campaign.

What targeting options are available through display?2019-10-06T22:04:48-05:00

Geo-targeting: Targeting a specific city, zip codes or radius. Geo-fencing: Retarget customers who visit or commute through any business’s location. Competitor Targeting: Can be used to target your competitors’ clients. Category Contextual: Targeting on sites with content relevant to your industry. Keyword-level Contextual: Targeting content with terms relevant to your industry. Keyword Search Retargeting: Targeting terms relevant to your industry. Site Retargeting: Targeting users who have previously visited your website as they surf the web. Behavior & Demographic Targeting: Targeting users based on demographics or interests. Event Targeting: Target visitors of an event with your message up to 30 days after the event.

Where will my business be advertised?2019-10-06T22:04:23-05:00

You will be advertised on the following platforms:

  • Search advertising via Google Ads—the ads that appear at the very top of Google search results.
  • Social advertising via Facebook—the ads that appear in the Facebook News Feed.
  • Display advertising—the banner ads on websites around the web.