Digital Ads: Facebook & Instagram Advertising



ONE TIME SET UP CHARGE – Campaign management fee is a separate cost and based on your advertising spend. Fees are based on a percentage of advertising spend. Contact us for quotation.

Digital Ads: Facebook and Instagram Advertising – Utilize the platforms that can easily connect your customers to you. 

By working with us, you can build the authenticity of your business on Facebook and Instagram, at the same time grow and develop relationships with your potential and current customers. 

Through our services in social media advertising, you can:

  • Connect with our digital advertising strategists so that you can grow your social media presence. 
  • Have targeted advertising campaigns, making it easier for you to interact with your potential customers. 
  • Gain more customers by spending on campaign add-ons which are priced at $50 to $500 and can be purchased multiple times.
  • Directly gain feedback from your customers; giving you the advantage to maintain what works for your business and re-align what doesn’t.
  • Drive back traffic to your website by utilizing your social media campaigns.
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Do you monitor comments on my Facebook and Instagram ads?2019-10-10T20:53:43-05:00

We don’t monitor comments left on your ads. As a business, you will receive notifications from Facebook or Instagram every time a reaction, comment, or share is left on an ad.


Do you provide stock images?2019-10-10T20:53:08-05:00

We can absolutely provide stock images or creative images if requested and required. Please see our sample of creative ads for Facebook and Instagram located in our Case History section. However, we recommend that you provide professional images of your business to ensure an authentic and engaging Facebook or Instagram campaign.

How am I billed?2019-10-11T15:13:17-05:00

We require a credit card on file before we begin.  The initial fee for the main service will be charged at activation (within the first working week).  Additional advertising add-ons will be charged approximately 5 days before the start of the advertising campaign.

How will I know that our digital advertising is working and delivering real results?2019-10-10T20:57:13-05:00

We will provide you with regularly scheduled, easy to read reports that are focused on real results for your business, phone calls and new customers through the door.

If I am already using a Facebook Pixel, are we able to continue using this?2019-10-10T20:54:04-05:00

Yes, although we will request access to this in order to help run the campaign more effectively so that the client is able to see the best possible results from the Facebook ad.

What do I need to do to get started?2019-10-10T20:56:18-05:00

The order form will have a wide range of questions concerning the content, and type of ad you wish to create if advertising add-ons are purchased. Additionally, one of our skilled marketing strategists will work with you concerning the creation of the native ad’s content in an onboard conversation.

What do you need from me on an ongoing basis?2019-10-10T20:58:03-05:00

Any information that you can provide about special promotions you are running that we can feature could be helpful to us in creating a winning campaign.

What is a Facebook pixel?2019-10-10T20:51:49-05:00

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that is placed on your website and lets us measure, optimize, and build audiences for your campaign. When a user visits your website and takes an action (ex. Making a purchase, submitting a form), the pixel is triggered and reports the action. This allows us to track when a customer completed an action after seeing your Facebook ad. This gives us the ability to reach this customer again by using a custom audience or create a lookalike audience based on users who have already converted.

Will I be able to see my campaign within my own Ads Manager?2019-10-10T20:54:53-05:00

No, we run all of our campaigns out of our own ads manager as it simplifies our billing process. It also allows us to ensure control of all aspects of the campaign.