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The key components of "business planning" include an understanding of your business’ vision, mission, values and strategies.

A vision statement outlines what your business wants to be, or how it wants the world in which it operates to be (an "idealized" view of the world). Having a solid vision statement is important because:

  • It is a long-term view and concentrates on the future.
  • It can be emotive and is a source of inspiration.

This is a full day session with our Founder, Darlene Gagnon and your key decision makers to craft a Vision Statement.

She will use a 15-step formula cultivated by years of implementing these sessions to help you and your business write a vision statement will force you to choose what you consider to be the most important accomplishment of your business and give you a time frame to accomplish it.

A strong vision statement also works to help differentiate your company from others. All companies want to become profitable, but a company that can set an agenda to achieve that goal is going to set itself apart and inspire others. Use a vision statement to focus the efforts of the organization on the core competencies it needs to achieve its goals.

Leaders have the responsibility of communicating the vision regularly, creating narratives that illustrate the vision, and making decisions that will support the short and long-term objectives of the vision.

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How do I get started?2019-10-21T21:27:00-05:00

You will schedule a conference call with our Co-Founder | CEO Darlene Gagnon, your session facilitator. Please email to schedule. During the call a needs assessment will be discussed, and a proposal will be prepared within two-working days.

How do I implement a Vision Statement throughout our company?2019-10-18T13:31:52-05:00

To be effective, a vision statement requires strong support. The current policies, procedures and culture may need to be updated and changed in order to achieve the new vision. The vision must, in essence, become assimilated into every aspect of the organization’s culture.

We can assist you in setting priorities.

How long is a session?2019-10-21T21:03:35-05:00

Typical sessions require pre-work done by key decision makers.  This pre-work activity will be an investment of one-hour.  This is a brand assessment survey.  The session is a two-day session.  Sessions require zero phone or computer activity to ensure full participation by attendees.

Is a Mission Statement the same as a Vision Statement?2019-10-18T19:10:19-05:00

Many people mistake the vision statement for the mission statement, and sometimes one is simply used as a longer-term version of the other. However, they are meant to be quite different, with the vision being a descriptive picture of future state, and the mission being an action statement for bringing about what is envisioned.

What are the costs?2019-10-18T19:13:27-05:00

A quotation for the session will be provided after the need assessment conference call. 50% deposit is required to set the date. 50% balance morning of the session. Meeting room and travel expense will be additional.

What do we have to provide for this session?2019-10-18T19:13:56-05:00

Completed brand assessment survey by all attendees. Full attendee participation without cell phone or laptops in session. Wi-Fi, projector, and screen. Lunch should be provided for attendees. Classroom setting with room for brainstorming and break out sessions.

Who should be in attendance?2019-10-20T16:30:25-05:00

Any key decision maker that partakes in the long-term planning of your business. Founders, Co-Founders, Board of Directors, C-Level Executives, and Marketing Team(s).

Why do I need a Vision Statement?2019-10-18T19:09:30-05:00

A vision statement is a declaration of one, the most important, long-term goal for a business, non-profit or institution. Or if your organization is very large already, it could be a statement of a few long-term goals combined, all reaching far into the future. Either way, such goals need to be both challenging and inspiring because of the aspirational character of your vision statement sets a defined direction for the organization. It establishes a pulling force, guiding all activities and strategic decision-making.