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Create Your Marketing Strategy & Marketing Calendar – A two-day session that will deliver an 18-month marketing plan.

No matter how much big of an effort you’ve done to build that marketing plan if it does not translate to your team then that effort could turn into waste. As the boss, you have a main vision for your business. These things need to be crumbled down into plans. 

While all of these may be perfectly pictured in your head, your team may have a different perception. To efficiently and correctly enforce your marketing efforts, you need to reexamine the way you create or conduct your marketing plans. 

If you want all your written efforts to be translated into real-life results, then these sessions are for you. 

Here are the things that you could gain if you let us help you:

Understanding the process. The end-goal is to have a marketing plan in presentation form, but the main reason why we are working together is for you to understand the process of getting there.

– Taking it step by step. Our session provides you a complete series of steps for you to plan your marketing effectively. Through this, you’ll be able to learn easily. 

– Learning your core. The finish line would not make any sense if you don’t know why you’re trying to get there. The marketing strategies that you build will only work if you internalize the values that your company believes in. 

– Measurable results. These sessions provide you a way to see the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

– Transparency in finances. Not only will we look into where your marketing efforts should be done but we’ll also do it in a range that fits your budget. In this way, you’ll have efficient budget planning. 

By completing the sessions, your marketing plans will have a sense of direction, your team will gain confidence in executing them, and it’ll entirely boost the credibility of your company.

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There’s another vital benefit to putting a well-constructed marketing plan in place: it gives your marketing team the power to say “no” to requests that have no merit. When your organization does not have a marketing plan, it’s hard to say no to the many things marketing is asked to do that don’t make sense.


Explain the Critical Deliverables from this Session2019-10-18T21:26:41-05:00

Pre-work of a brand assessment due prior to our strategy session. Day one we will navigate thru stages one thru three. There will be assigned homework for planning day two. Day two we will finalize stages three thru six.


Stage One: You will have a clear Vision, Mission, and Core Values Statements.

Every firm has a set of core values that complement its Vision and Mission. Even if a firm’s statements are not written, they exist and will require identification as part of this process. During this stage, you’ll examine your core values to understand how they should influence the development of your marketing strategy.

Stage Two: This stage of analysis, you will consider: your company, your brand, your customers, your industry, and your competitors.

We will analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your business. We will assess your competition. We will define how to measure your marketing efforts and who in your team is responsible for which marketing activities.


Stage Three: To this point, you’ve done your homework in preparation for setting goals and developing your Marketing Strategy.

Stage Four: You will build a profile for your ideal customer to target. We will explore how sales and marketing should work together to complement each other.

Stage Five: You will prioritize your marketing channels (examples include: social media platforms, email marketing, online advertising), refine your core messaging, and build a marketing program calendar to execute your Vision.

Stage Six: You will ensure that there is a rationale marketing budget in place to support your strategy.

How do I get started?2019-10-21T21:22:41-05:00

You will schedule a conference call with our Co-Founder | CEO Darlene Gagnon, your session facilitator. Please email to schedule. During the call a needs assessment will be discussed, and a proposal will be prepared within two-working days.

How long is a session?2019-10-21T21:03:35-05:00

Typical sessions require pre-work done by key decision makers.  This pre-work activity will be an investment of one-hour.  This is a brand assessment survey.  The session is a two-day session.  Sessions require zero phone or computer activity to ensure full participation by attendees.

How much should my marketing budget be?2019-10-21T13:01:28-05:00

The US Small Business Administration states the average marketing budget is 7.5% of gross revenue. We know this cannot always be a rationale dollar investment so we will work with you to define what you need to spend on your marketing efforts to ensure a safe return on investment.

Is a Mission Statement the same as a Vision Statement?2019-10-18T19:10:19-05:00

Many people mistake the vision statement for the mission statement, and sometimes one is simply used as a longer-term version of the other. However, they are meant to be quite different, with the vision being a descriptive picture of future state, and the mission being an action statement for bringing about what is envisioned.

What are the costs?2019-10-18T19:13:27-05:00

A quotation for the session will be provided after the need assessment conference call. 50% deposit is required to set the date. 50% balance morning of the session. Meeting room and travel expense will be additional.

What do we have to provide for this session?2019-10-18T19:13:56-05:00

Completed brand assessment survey by all attendees. Full attendee participation without cell phone or laptops in session. Wi-Fi, projector, and screen. Lunch should be provided for attendees. Classroom setting with room for brainstorming and break out sessions.

What size business is this session best suited?2019-10-20T16:33:43-05:00

We recommend this session for anyone who has an annual revenue of $1 million+ and/or an annual marketing budget of $30K+ (marketing budget is inclusive of salaries paid to those implementing your marketing) The US Small Business Administration states the average marketing budget is 7.5% of gross revenue. We know this cannot always be a rationale dollar investment so we will work with you to define what you need to spend on your marketing efforts to ensure a safe return on investment.

Who should be in attendance?2019-10-20T16:30:25-05:00

Any key decision maker that partakes in the long-term planning of your business. Founders, Co-Founders, Board of Directors, C-Level Executives, and Marketing Team(s).

Why do I need a Vision Statement?2019-10-18T19:09:30-05:00

A vision statement is a declaration of one, the most important, long-term goal for a business, non-profit or institution. Or if your organization is very large already, it could be a statement of a few long-term goals combined, all reaching far into the future. Either way, such goals need to be both challenging and inspiring because of the aspirational character of your vision statement sets a defined direction for the organization. It establishes a pulling force, guiding all activities and strategic decision-making.