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  • Good-to-Great-Model-the-Masters book

    Built to Last, the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over time and how long-term sustained performance can be engineered into the DNA of an enterprise from the very beginning.

  • Now-discover-your-strengths book

    This updated assessment includes reports and resources that go far beyond the standardized reports of the older assessment by providing you with personalized insight statements unique to your specific combination of strengths

  • Strengths-Finder-2.0 book

    Loaded with hundreds of strategies for applying your strengths, this book and accompanying website will change the way you look at yourself--and the world around you--forever.

  • The-E-Myth-revisited book

    An instant classic, this revised and updated edition of the phenomenal bestseller dispels the myths about starting your own business.

  • The Topgrading system makes hiring easier, faster, and more successful than any other process. And it works at every level, from the front lines to senior management.

  • Working-with-Emotional-Intelligence book

    Emotional intelligence is actually a set of skills that anyone can acquire, and in this practical guide, Daniel Goleman identifies them, explains their importance, and shows how they can be fostered.