1. Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS in Above-the-Fold Content: When a page includes render blocking external stylesheets, which delays the time to first render.
  2. Leverage Browser Caching: When the response from your website server does not include caching headers or if the resources are specified to be cached for only a short time.
  3. Optimize Images: When the images on the page can be optimized to reduce their file size without significantly impacting their visual quality.
  4. Minify HTML: When the size of one of your website resources could be reduced through minification.
  5. Enable Compression: When compressible resources were served without gzip compression.
  6. Minify CSS: When the size of CSS could be reduced through minification.
  7. Minify JavaScript: When the size of JavaScript could be reduced through minification.
  8. Reduce Server Response Time: When your website server response time is above 200 ms.
  9. Avoid Landing Page Redirects: When you have more than one redirect from the given URL to the final landing page.
  10. Prioritize Visible Content: When additional network round trips are required to render the above the fold content of the page.