The assessment is designed to gather the information needed to coach your leader/team to success. We will identify barriers to success and make decisions on how to navigate through these barriers.

Stage One: Strategic Direction

  1. Training and Content Prep – Acquire all business training or marketing materials required.
  2. Organizational Overview – Our initial meeting, include other departments in your organization besides marketing. Share a brief history of the organization and product/service(s), details describing how your product/service is unique.
  3. Policies and Guidelines – Discuss non-negotiable policies such as data and privacy policies.
  4. Research/Competitors – Share main competitors and any industry/market research you may have completed. If the general competitive analysis is not complete, we will require this during our first coaching session.
  5. Strategy & Action Plan – Share what the business would like to achieve, and how you think it should be delivered.

Stage Two: Operational Plan 

  1. Establish Plan – Collaboratively, we will build an action plan with goals, tasks, and processes required for success.
  2. Determine Workflow – Determine an operational workflow to produce consistent results.
  3. First Project(s) – Set an initial marketing goal that is defined and measurable.
  4. Regular Meetings – Provide and schedule a weekly meeting with a consistent agreed upon cadence.

Stage Three: Communication Requirements

  1. Contact Information – Daily contacts required to achieve results.
  2. Schedules and Meetings – Establish an ongoing check-in meeting schedule as well as for deciding upon possible standing meeting schedule for updates and collaboration.
  3. Communication Protocol – Provide a communication protocol for escalating any issues that may occur.

Stage Four: Measurement & Performance

  1. Establish Measurement – Determine criteria for measurement (metrics) then decide which specific KPI(s) (Key Performance Indicators) are required. Ensure that all the necessary tools and analytics are set up for tracking/reporting purposes and establish the frequency of reporting needed/recommended.
  2. Final Arrangements – Discuss any challenges with past marketing leaders/team or agency partner(s) and ensure a transition plan is in place.
  3. Begin First Coaching Session – Ensure the leader/team use a project management process/system consistently with continued tracking reporting and optimization occurs throughout the relationship.