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Launched in 1995 by Workman Publishing, National Employee Appreciation Day, on March 4, reminds managers that strong employer-employee relations are at the core of any truly successful business. Having a great relationship with your employees is an important aspect of being a manager, and appreciating their efforts can go a long way towards making workers feel valued. Take some time on National Employee Appreciation Day to connect with your employees, offer authentic praise, and listen to their experiences. If you can, give your employees part of the day off, or treat them to a special lunch or group activity.

As the basis of the capitalist economic system, wage labor can be a mutually beneficial relationship between employer and employee. But, too often, workers feel exploited, underpaid, and just not appreciated by their managers or bosses. Strong and trusting employer-employee relations can go a long way towards ensuring a company’s long-term success and retaining a satisfied and dedicated workforce.

The American labor movement has its origins in the earliest years of the republic when artisans banded together to maintain wage levels. The earliest strike in the U.S. happened in 1768 when New York tailors stood their ground against wage reductions. After that, American craftsmen started organizing guilds and unions to protect wages and benefits for their respective trades. American trade unionism was born.

Today, most American workers enjoy basic labor protections like an eight-hour workday, minimum wage laws, and overtime protections. Many employers understand the importance of maintaining good relations with their employees and the positive impact of a happy workforce, but labor unions continue to fight for those workers who still experience abuse and exploitation. Workers employed in agriculture, garment work, factory farming, and other low-wage industries all face poverty wages, high injury rates, and exploitative practices.

Employee Appreciation Day is gaining strength in the U.S. and other countries, with many companies using the day to show appreciation to their employees through some time off, a small token of gratitude, or a special event. Most of all, employers can celebrate Employee Appreciation Day all year long by instituting living wages and fair policies. Employee appreciation can boost workers’ satisfaction and the company’s retention rate, increasing the productivity and profitability of the company and creating a happier and more pleasant work environment for all.

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