About Darlene Gagnon

Darlene Elizabeth Gagnon is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of branding, marketing, consumer trend with product development expertise. In her early twenties, Darlene was known by her peers for being a connoisseur of consumer trends. Never one to not leverage this knowledge to accelerate her career she developed a skill for persuading executives to develop brand extensions based on identified opportunities driven by her consumer insights. By her thirties, her reputation for filtering thru fads and getting to revenue trend opportunities found herself working with global brands such as Bic International, Nike, Wilson Sports and Titleist. Each utilizing her expertise in building brand extensions in the corporate gift arena. After a career that afforded her a global perspective of what the most sophisticated marketing agencies were delivering in terms of value to her Fortune 500 clientele, Darlene once again used her insights to identify a gap in the traditional agency model. No one was serving the Entrepreneur at the level and capacity needed to understand his or her Vision; clarify his or her Vision and help make it a reality with the right marketing strategy & tactics. This gap prompted her to step out of the corporate arena into the entrepreneurial playing field. Her goal: to work with Entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business but lack the marketing know-how and have wasted thousands of hard earn dollars in bad marketing decisions. Darlene established Kinnect Global Management Services a management company designed to manage the operational, sales and marketing efforts of entrepreneurial businesses founded by herself or joint ventures where she is vested. These companies include We Kinnect Global Branding Agency, LLC and Kinetic Promotional Product Services, LLC.

The Woman’s Entrepreneur’s Guide: Finding “Me” Time

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Entrepreneur’s Guide: Teach Your Kids about “The Hero’s Journey”

By |2020-10-12T19:56:32-05:00October 7th, 2020|Entrepreneur Parenting, Entrepreneurship, Family Business|

Our children need heroes. As entrepreneurial parents, we can inspire them and offer a moral compass. Our work ethic, risk-taking is a powerful role-model. We are a character who shows that life is an adventure that comes with troubles and hardships [...]

Entrepreneur’s Reflection Exercise: Are Your Business Decisions Aligned with Your Conscience?

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Entrepreneurs Guide: Teaching Children Critical Thinking

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Entrepreneurs’ Inner Vision: 3 Ways to Crush Bad Habits

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Entrepreneurs’ Inner Vision: 3 Traps That Will Ruin Visualization…and How to Fix Them

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